Vital Scooters started in 2018 and launched in 2019 with Raymond Warner at the helm of the brand, working in association with the Envy team.

Raymond is one of the leaders of the sport through his riding, competing, social visibility and popularity. Ray has 336 000 followers on Instagram and 848 000 subscribers on Youtube so he is one of the most influential people in the sport. He is one of the most liked people in the sport, and it’s not just because of his amazing tricks and incredible achievements, it’s because of how kind and supportive he is of his fellow riders. Ray once made a video where he drove 1000 miles to go and ride with a young fan of his!

When Ray was younger, he asked his favourite rider for a signature and was denied. Now that he is a famous sponsored rider, he always carries a sharpie with him. This means Ray is always prepared to give his signature because he doesn’t want any of his fans to feel the disappointment he felt when he was younger. Engaging with the core generation of the scooter scene for over more than a decade, Ray knows what riders want and listens to riders’ needs more than anyone.

Envy Scooters started in 2009 in Melbourne Australia. The Scooter Industry was young with only a few brands providing scooters to an ever growing crew of young riders. Blunt Scooters started out by making aftermarket parts to fit the existing completes like Razor and Madd Gear Pro like 100mm Metalcore wheels, Clamps, Chromoly bars and griptape. Some of Envy’s earlier bars like the Stripper bar, Smith bar and Candy bars have become an icon of sorts.

Raymond Warner and Envy Scooters came together to create Vital which is about capturing the vibrance and energy of the sport and getting kids out to ride and get excited to learn new tricks and hang with their friends. Griptape and handgrips are the first parts that have been created, but Vital plans to make other parts in the future. All of the parts Vital have made so far are high quality and they look amazing. The colours on the grips are as vibrant as they could possibly be and the grips feel amazing to hold. Vital has a range of glitter griptapes that shimmer in the sunlight, griptapes that reflect light and griptapes with the vital logo in bright colours. Plain black grips and plain black/white logo griptapes are also available if you like the brand but don’t want your scooter to be too bright.

All of Vital’s products are available now on our website here and all of Envy’s products are also available on our website here!