The Tilt Theorem Complete is the perfect Hybrid scooter.

It is designed for the dedicated rider and comes with practically all aftermarket parts. Where a lot of other complete scooters come ready to upgrade, the Tilt Theorem comes out of the box already upgraded. If you want to customize your setup over time, you’ll be stoked to hear that this scooter is compatible with numerous wheel sizes and most high quality parts on the market.

The Tilt Theorem is the perfect upgrade from a park setup, which is typically the style of freestyle scooter most people start on. It has a medium to large (depending on model size) boxed deck with cutouts in the bottom of the deck and the front of the headtube. The Theorem also has a very strong T bar, but with a twist; it is made from aluminium. This deck/bar combination makes learning street tricks much easier for a park rider with the added size without sacrificing their previously learnt park tricks. It also makes learning park tricks much easier for a street rider due to being very light without sacrificing the style associated with a large scooter.

The deck is a simplified version of Tilt’s Theory Deck with a detachable brake instead of the welded on fender of the stage 3 deck. The bar is a simplified version of Tilt’s Rigid Bar. The fork resembles Tilt’s Rigid Fork and the wheels are very similar to Tilt’s Stage III Wheels. Other features include a Tilt SCS clamp, soft Metra grips, medium grit griptape and a flex fender. Tilt did not skimp on the hardware on the Theorem with M8 clamp bolts, M8 compression bolt, M8 rear axle bolt and Tilt’s signature F5 front axle.

The Tilt Theorem Complete comes in 3 sizes; small, medium and large to suit a wide range of ages and height. The large Tilt Theorem Complete has the largest deck ever on a freestyle complete. A breakdown of the sizes is below.


Weight: 3.5kg Deck Size : 5.0”W x 20.0″L Handlebar Size: 20.0”W x 23.5″H Wheels: 110mm x 24mm


Weight: 3.7kg Deck Size: 5.5”W x 21.0″L Handlebar Size: 21.0”W x 25.0″H Wheels: 110mm x 24mm


Weight: 4kg Deck Size: 6.0”W x 22.0″L Handlebar Size: 22.0”W x 26.5″H Wheels: 120mm x 30mm