Shop rider Drew is always searching for the best wheels on the market so he was pretty keen to test the Aztek Ermine Wheels.

Drew’s feedback:

I’ll start by saying that I generally ride the standard 110mm 24mm wide wheels so naturally I went for the standard sized Aztek Ermine Wheels. I’ll be honest here; I had heard bad things about the Aztek Ermine wheels due to a friend of mine dehubbing an older version of the wheels. Aztek have since changed their urethane compound and the result is very positive. I have ridden River, Envy, Oath, Eagle, Root, Fasen in the past so I have tried many many different brands.

The wheels were as easy as any to install and once installed, they spun freely and had no side-to-side movement. The wheels are very fast and roll smoothly with little to no noise. I like to ride hard and fast so this is very important to me. The Ermine wheels keep their speed very well which is perfect for carving a bowl or flowing the skatepark. The bearings in the Ermine Wheels are just as good as any other high-quality wheel I’ve ridden.

I tested the wheels on a huge variety of surfaces including concrete, wood and resi.

I would say the urethane is medium hard so I would have expected a medium wear time on them. A pair of wheels usually only lasts me a month and after a month of riding the Ermines, they are still going strong! The Aztek Ermine Wheels come in two sizes – Standard and XL. Use code Ermine20 for 20% off any pair of Aztek Ermine Wheels. While stock lasts. Sale Ends 31/05/2021. Check the full Aztek range here.