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Tilt UHR 120mm Scooter Wheels – Violet

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Tilt UHR 120mm Scooter Wheels - Violet

The UHR Wheels are part of Tilt’s Stage III collection which brings scooter wheel performance to the next level. The Ultra High Rebound formula is focused on rebound. Higher rebound gives you more speed and the smoothness while riding. The pregreased bearings and precision spacers make assembly as easy as a feeble grind. Whether you're in the park or in the streets, the UHR wheels will maintain speed through whichever line you choose.


Diameter: 120mm
Core Width: 30mm
Urethane Width: 30mm
Weight: 652gm
Core: Billet 6061-T6 aluminum 9-spoke
Bearings: Pregreased
Spacers: Precision ground 52100 steel


Bearings: 608
Axle: M8

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