River Rapids 110mm Scooter Wheels – Jordan Clark Dream Catcher

River Rapids 110mm Scooter Wheels – Jordan Clark Dream Catcher


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River Rapids 110mm Scooter Wheels – Jordan Clark Dream Catcher

Jordan Clark is a fine British lad from Lavant, a small village on the southern coast of England in West Sussix; Following His Dreams. He is one of the most dominant and talented park riders to ever touch a scooter. You may also have spotted that he has been running River Wheels on his setups for the last 3 years including the scooter that won the 2018 @ISAscoot World Championship. When you are a professional rider at this level, the companies you ride for can get a bit territorial in their contractual obligations, so despite the fact that we have been flowing Jordan for the past 3 years, we were not able to actually say anything until now. Fortunately, I have always had a mutually respectful relationship with MGP Action Sports and they graciously turned a blind eye to the wheel portion of his contract for the sake of their rider having access to the best wheels in the business (similar to our deal for Juzzy Carter) and to further his winning streak. We now officially and proudly welcome Jordan Clark to the team. We are here to support you in your pursuit of another World Title!

Strong, responsive and durable River Rapids will have you shredding the streets while keeping your flow. Featuring BUFF Core Technology which helps absorb impact, reduces de-hubbing and creates a smoother ride. All River wheels are manufactured with bearing removal slots for quick bearing replacement. All River wheels come with River Flash Flood Bearings pre-installed. The iconic 9-spoked anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum core creates a perfect balance of weight, strength and durability for a superior ride. 100% Made In California.

  • Diameter: 110mm
  • Durometer: 84A
  • Core Width: 24mm
  • Urethane Width: 24mm
  • Core Material: 6061 Aluminium
  • Bearings: River Flash Floods
  • Weight: 245g
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Price is for 2 Wheels

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