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Powerslide Next Core Black 80 Inline Skates

Powerslide Next Core Black 80 Inline Skates


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Fast, agile, durable, and customizable, the POWERSLIDE Next Core Black 80 inline skates are among the best hard boot urban freeride skates on the market.

The boot is durable, stylish and comes with a supportive cuff that can be personalized, allowing you to adjust the forward flex and the height of the cuff to suit your needs and skating style. Inside the boot is a comfortable heat-mouldable MYFIT Recall dual-fit liner with its memory fit padding designed to mould to your feet and provide the perfect fit every time.

To provide further control and keep your foot firmly in place, the skate has a sophisticated closure system that combines traditional lacing with a 45-degree ratchet buckle and a sturdy cuff buckle.

The skate comes with light and durable Elite cast aluminium frames, attached to the boot with the famous TRINITY 3-point mounting system, giving you a low centre of gravity, excellent power transfer superior stability, and unmatched control.

The skates ride on grippy Spinner 80mm/88A wheels and smooth WICKED ABEC 9 bearings, giving you all the speed and manoeuvrability you need to take on the urban environment.

The POWERSLIDE Next Core Black 80 inline skate is a fun, fast, and customizable urban freeride skate perfect for cruising and exploring the city.


9 -10 US Men    = 42-43 EU = 268-275cm
10.5-11 US Men = 44-45 EU = 282-289cm
12-12.5 US Men = 46-47 EU = 296-303cm
13-13.5 US Men = 48-49 EU = 309-315cm

  • Boot: Hardboot; TRINITY 3-point mounting; MYFIT Recall dual fit liner; heat moldable MYFIT liner with 80°C
  • Frame: Powerslide Elite; ADC10 aluminum; TRINITY 3-point mounting; 36-43 = 9.6" (243mm) / 44-49 = 10.8" (275mm); 4x80mm
  • Wheel: Powerslide Spinner; 80mm / 88A; SHR= Super High Rebound
  • Bearing: Wicked; ABEC 9; chrome steel
  • Brake: Compatibility HABS Brake S/M
  • Weight: 1620g (size 9-10 US Men)


For the best performance, inline skates should have a snug fit. It’s not necessary to buy inline skates one size larger than your foot size; as they break in, all inline skates will expand and widen over time. It’s important to know that soft boots will expand more than hybrid or carbon boots.



Place and fix an A4 sheet of paper on the floor against a straight wall that ends flush with the floor. Wear your usual skating socks for more accuracy and place your foot on the sheet with your heel touching the wall (make sure your heel touches the wall without significant pressure.)


Stand relaxed on the foot you are measuring and draw a line around the outline of your foot starting at the big toe. Be sure to hold the pencil vertically to prevent any deviation. It’s ideal to have a friend draw the line for better accuracy. Measure the length of the paper to the line: that’s your MONDOPOINT size.

TIP: For the best fit, measure your foot after a short skating session or at the end of the day as your foot will naturally swell and expand.


Do the same for the other foot and compare measurements. The correct size will be the length of the longer foot:
Precision fit add 2-3mm.
Comfort fit add 4-6mm.

Now, with these measurements, you can take the correct size from our sizing charts.






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