NEW Aztek 2020 Range – Part 2

The new Aztek Scooters 2020 range is definitely something to talk about! To give it full justice and cover all of its products in length, we decided to split the blog into 2 parts. Part 1 covered the completes and decks and now we will talk about the rest of their new range in Part 2, i.e. clamps, forks and wheels.

Pandora SCS Clamp

Designed for maximum weight saving, the Aztek Pandora SCS perfectly complements the rest of the 2020 range with its two-toned machined finish. It comes with Aztek red zinc-plated hollow bolts that look amazing and they are positioned as close as possible to the bars, helping save weight and increase clamping power. It is also one of the lightest SCS clamps on the market, weighing in at only 127 grams. The Pandora is available in the Aztek 2020 signature colourways (ruby, teal, ivory, black).

Circa V2 Fork

Revamped for the new line with two-toned machined finish, laser-etched graphics and now coming in more colours. The Aztek Circa v2 Fork remains (arguably) the lightest and strongest fork on the market. Computerised stress analysis tests make the Aztek Circa v2 Fork extremely strong, but still weighs only 163 grams. The Circa V2 fork is available in the Aztek 2020 signature colourways (ruby, teal, ivory, black).

Templar Fork

A complete re-imagining of the original Aztek Circa Fork, the Aztek Templar Fork was created for a wider and larger wheel. The Templar fork manages to hold wheels up to 115mm in diameter and 30mm in width while only being 168 grams which is only 5 grams heavier than the Circa V2! Two-toned machined finish with laser-etched graphics give the Templar Fork a stunning appearance. The Templar fork is available in the Aztek 2020 signature colourways (ruby, teal, ivory, black).

Ermine Wheels

Truly one of the most aesthetically pleasing wheels on the market, the Aztek Ermine Wheels utilise a 2-piece forged core with two-toned machined finish for that premium look and feel. The Ermine wheels have a high number of small, thin spokes to give the Aztek Ermine Wheels a higher strength-to-weight ratio than most other wheels, and the low-profile, high rebound urethane gives them a bouncy, tight responsiveness. The new Ermine Wheels come in 2 sizes (110mm x 24mm and 115 x 30mm) and the Aztek 2020 signature colourways (ruby, teal, ivory, black).

Check out the full Aztek 2020 range here!

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