Zero Scooters are a new addition to the electric scooters we have for sale at My Scooter Lab. They all don the signature red, black and white colourway. The whole Zero range has fantastic build quality, great suspension and comfortable ride position with intuitive cockpits.

All Zero Scooters have a LCD display that shows you everything you need to know including speed, mode, battery level, volt level and odometer.  Zero 8 and 9 are rear wheel drive which reduces tyre spin around corners and feels nicer compared to front wheel drive while the 10x comes with dual wheel drive which is the ultimate for acceleration, cornering and ride comfort.

Zero 8

Zero 8 Electric Scooter

The Zero 8 is the smallest of The Zero range and comes with 8” tyres. The Zero 8 is a great choice when space is limited or portability is important. The Zero 8 doesn’t have some of the extra features that the Zero 9 and 10x have but it’s definitely not short of features and still has everything you need in an electric scooter.

The biggest advantage that the Zero 8 has over other electric scooters with a similar price is the ride comfort due to having a pneumatic tyre on the front and suspension on both the front and the rear. The Zero 8 is rear wheel as mentioned early, however it is worth noting that most similarly priced electric scooters are front wheel drive. The Zero 8 has a solid rear tyre so it cannot puncture. This is especially handy when using the scooter to get to work because a flat tyre can mean getting to work late. If this sounds like the perfect scooter for you, find out more about it HERE.

Zero 9

Zero 9 Electric Scooter

The Zero 9 is the middle size of the Zero range and comes with 9” tyres. The Zero 9 is a great choice where portability isn’t as important, but speed and range are, or you just require a little more power for climbing hills.

While not quite as compact or light as the Zero 8, the Zero 9 comes packed with a lot of features that the Zero 8 doesn’t have.

These include a motor with an additional 100watts, 5km/h higher top speed, 10km further range, front disc brake, brighter LED’s, wider base and additional blue LED strips on the deck and the handlebar. If this sounds like the perfect scooter for you, find out more about it HERE

Zero 10x

Zero 10 Electric ScooterThe Zero 10x is the largest of the Zero range and comes with 10” tyres. The Zero 10x is perfect for the thrill seekers and the joyriders who want maximum performance. The Zero 10x is foldable, but is one of the largest and heaviest electric scooters available so is not suitable when space is limited or portability is important. The 10x has 1200w motors in the front and the rear which give it amazing acceleration and speed and disc brakes in the front and rear to slow it down. The 10x has two extra buttons that the other models don’t have, and they are to switch between Eco Mode/Boost mode and Single Wheel Drive/Dual Wheel Drive. If this sounds like the perfect scooter for you, find out more about it HERE

The Zero Electric scooters are some of the best when it comes to performance per dollar and this doesn’t come at the cost of build quality. You can tell as soon as you step on a Zero Electric Scooter that they are a premium product.