PREY Scooter Grips – Black

PREY Scooter Grips – Black


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PREY Scooter Grips – Black

Our newest grips, and we are not shyer than to say this is one for the books! We proudly claim this is hands down one of the best grips ever made. Endless hours of drawing, molding and testing compounds went into these to achieve our goal, to make the best grip ever, period. We’ve let a bunch of riders test it, and when everyone say they will never ride another grip, well, then all the work has been so worth it…it’s been a motivating and long ride!
It’s one of the longer ones out there, but not too long, at 175mm. Diameter is medium at 31mm. The rubber mix is very grippy while still being durable. The semi-horizontal coffin pattern is not only comfortable, but also ensure you have a grip that’s not slipping when you squeeze your sweaty hands around it. This issue has been our most important task when designing this grip. You know, when you stand in the store and feel all the grips out, some are definitely softer and nicer than others, and we all want that. It’s just that in addition to that, you want a grip that doesn’t make your hand slip and twist when you are actually out riding! We have been riders forever, so we’ve put all our experience into this. We have made a grip we honestly feel is the best grip, ever.

Black only.

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