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Globber Master 3-Wheel Scooter – White/Grey

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Globber scooters

Globber Master 3-Wheel Scooter - White/Grey

Globber's MASTER 3-wheel scooter for kids is a super-adjustable scooter with a 5-height adjustable, super-wide, curved aluminium anodized T-bar (74cm / 79cm / 84cm / 89cm / 94cm from the ground) with an easy-to-use clamp and an anti-scratch sleeve, allowing the product to be used by kids aged up to 14, for maximum product usage!

Globber’s MASTER scooter is a foldable scooter for kids, thanks to Globber's patented folding mechanism with a push button; folding a scooter is fast & easy! Easily fold the 3-wheel scooter with just a push of a button, allowing easy transportation in trolley mode, and conveniently store the 3-wheel kids scooter away after playtime!

Globber's MASTER also comes with Globber's patented steering lock button, which fixes the steering system of the two front wheels to only move forward and backward, helping to teach children how to balance on a scooter in no time!

Weight of scooter: 2.79 kg

Dimensions: H 74 - 94cm / L61cm / W 37cm

Max Rider Weight 50kg

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