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Eagle Supply Radix DTM Copper 115mm Wheels

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Eagle Supply Radix DTM Copper 115mm Wheels

Eagle Radix Line Hollow Wheels are hand-poured and hand-made in Holland and include the highest quality parts and urethane. The Radix series of wheels aim to push scooter wheel technology, utilising a wider wheel (away from the traditional 24mm wheel), into the 30mm width, exclusive to scooter riding. The hollow radial hub gives you great strength, while maintaining a significant weight reduction. Great wheels, superb quality and Eagle have a history of being among the first to make scooter wheels.

NOTE: You must have a fork (like the Radix Series) that will fit the 30mm wheel.


• Size: 115mm
• Width: 30mm
• Hardness: 86A
• Core: DTM, Aluminium
• Bearings: Eagle Performance 608 RS
• Available in Various Colours

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