Grit Vibes Scooters – Made especially for Girls!

Grit Scooters have been killing it in and around the scooter world for a while now. They are an awesome brand that loves to give back and grow the community and their newest range shows that. They have a sick team of riders from all around the world as well as some super rad girls that easily hold their own against the guys!

Girls like Tayah Mills, Abbie Wells and Montana Webb are absolute legends and awesome roll models for girls around the world that also love riding scooters.

Grit Vibes - Montana Webb

Grit Vibes – Montana Webb

The Grit Vibes range is the newest range from Grit and we believe it is the first ever range of scooters designed with girls in mind. They’ve used the same awesome parts that you would find in their other ranges, but they’ve spiced up the designs making them more appealing to female shredders around the globe.

They’ve released a total of seven different designs and 3 different setups that will vary in features and price. There’s definitely a scooter to fit anyone’s skill level, size and budget in the Grit Vibes range!

On the cheaper end, you have the Grit Angel and the Grit Misty. These scooters come with girts “Y bars” which are 530mm high X 510mm wide, paired with some 100mm, 88a metal core wheels.  This scooter is best suited for the smaller riders that are just starting out and want a nice complete to learn the basics.

Grit Vibes Destiny-Dreamer-Glam

Next you have the Grit Destiny, the Grit Dreamer and the Grit Glam completes. These are a little bigger and made a little stronger than the Misty and Angel. They have 550mm tall X 510mm wide bars, and come with an upgraded deck that is 483mm long X 102mm wide, featuring Grit signature Skeletonized down tube making it light and strong. Pair all of that with some 110mm metal core wheels, these completes are going to be faster and more suitable for slightly bigger and more advanced riders.

The final set up in the range comes in two designs known as the Grit Squad and the Grit Wild. These are the best completes in the range and the most expensive. However, you get great value for your money! Those scooters come with 585mm tall X 560mm wide Grit Battle bars, a 482.5mm long X 114mm wide Grit deck as well as some 110mm metal core wheels. These completes are suitable for some very advanced riders and definitely won’t let you down even if you’re a bigger rider.

This range is awesome, and we can’t wait to see some girls out there shredding them! The three different set-ups with a total of seven styles means there’s a scooter here for everyone.

Grit Vibes - Tayah Mills

Grit Vibes – Tayah Mills

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