Globber NL230 Ultimate: The Perfect Adult Commuting Scooter

Globber NL230 Ultimate: The Perfect Adult Commuting Scooter

Adult commuting scooters are quickly gaining popularity around Australia because they are an easy alternative to walking or cycling. There are many scooters out there built with commuting in mind but one of our favourite would have to be the Globber NL230 Ultimate Scooter.

This scooter features a lowered standing platform to increase stability.  The lowered platform also makes pushing a lot easier (and less tiring) by reducing the amount your supporting leg has to bend. It comes with 230mm bi-injection PU (Polyurethane) casted wheels making this scooter fast and allowing to maintain speed better than your average scooter. The front and back brakes mean this scooter is suitable for riders of all skill levels as well as being an appropriate safety measure in your daily commute.

Our favourite feature however would have to be the “one second collapse”!


This feature comes in handy when getting on and off public transport as well as storing the scooter when not in use. To collapse the Globber NL230Ultimate Scooter, just pull the small loop on the back of the handle bars!  This is will cause the bar to fold down and lock parallel to the deck.  From there, you can pick up the scooter by the handle bars and carry with ease.



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